Our favorites pieces for this summer and falls

Our favorites pieces for this summer and falls - Kenzella

Our favorites pieces.

One thing is sure. At Kenzella we love personalizable jewelry. It is the only jewelry that lets you express yourself. We often get, by talking with our customers, a real story behind their purchase. This gives us even more passion and willingness to offer the best jewelry we can. Offering a bit of happiness is the most valuable thing for us!



As summer comes jewelry needs to adapt.

Our initial anklet is the perfect example of how well jewelry can adapt to different seasons. Each year those anklets are sold out quickly, why? well because it trendy fashionable and always look amazing, especially at the beach. This anklet is a great way to make something that no one else has. Make it yours by choosing your initial with its own story. It is made to fit perfectly your ankle and give you the look for this summer.

Great to match with our initial necklace to complete your look.

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Our Letter necklace is a strong statement of self-confidence. with an offset initial that sits perfectly on your neckline, is it made to get the confidence you need. No matter which initial you choose, first name, last name, or someone that means a lot to you. This necklace will always be unique and a true reflection of yourself.

necklace with initial

Don't be afraid to show who you are. In fact, studies have shown that wearing custom jewelry boosts your confidence and helps people to go through hard times.
So what are you waiting for ! up on the vibe of people with confidence!


Last but not least 

This is one of our bestsellers and you will understand why!



This necklace is the must-have and one of the most known from us. In fact, you may think there is nothing special about it. But it's font make it unique! You can wear it for any event or situation. It looks elegant, light, and wonderful when you need to be perfect for a restaurant or dressy event. You can also wear it for every use, it will give you a stunning look and you will always look up to date and as a fashionable person.

The fact that you can personalize it with your own name will create a unique look. You can even get 2-3 different ones for different situations.

There is one word that can describe it perfectly "Heritage"! Yes, this necklace will go through generation.

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