Frosted jewelry

Frosted jewelry


Add a touch of glamour to any look with our Frosted jewelry collection. This stunning collection is the definition of effortless accessorizing.

Frosted jewelry is the process of scraping off the front part of the jewelry to make it look like frosted ice. Frosted jewelry is a new trend for jewelry. Shinier, it looks also stunning when dressed up for an event. You can design each piece with your name, number, or word.

This type of jewelry is very different from shiny pieces. The frosted surface doesn't let finger trace. Your frosted jewelry will always look clean and pure.

You can choose from your frosted jewelry collection, a necklace, bracelet, ring, or a piece of earrings.

No matter where you go your frosted jewelry will always be there.

You are in full control of what you want your frosted jewelry to look like!


 "They catch the light from every angle and sparkle. Minimal and perfect for every day. Love!" 


You can find all the frosted designs here and if needed your can layer your jewelry with some nice gold chain necklaces.