The Breast Cancer Research Foundation 9 ways to donate with a low budget ( Every penny can help).

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The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

9 ways to donate with a low budget ( Every penny can help).

You probably think that with $10-$50-$100 you will not help much compared to millions that big brand gives each year. But you would be surprised to know that in 2018, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals at $292.09 billion, or 68% of total giving; followed by foundations ($75.86 billion/18%), bequests ($39.71 billion/9%), and corporations ($20.05 billion/5%). (source from the National Philanthropic Trust).

The truth is small donations are most useful than you think, and whether you give $5 or $50’000 you will always have a huge impact and help millions of lives to get better days.

So know that you are convinced do you wanna know 9 ways you can help BCRF with your low budget?

Okay, let’s get into those 9 tips. ( read till the end to get our free tip).


1 The breast cancer research foundation donation portal

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time to do one of the tips that will follow. You have easy but nice options. You can directly make a donation to the BCRF website here. You have the choice between a one-time donation or a monthly donation.


2 Gift yourself with our products while making a donation

Yes, you can donate while shopping! At Kenzella you can enjoy selecting pieces of jewelry you like and while checking out and make a donation for 5%-15%-30% of your purchase or a custom donation. Of course, we also have a special collection dedicated to BCRF. You can shop our Love&Hope Necklace and Bracelet designed entirely by our team. 40% of the price will be given to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Check the bracelet too.

It’s the perfect gift for people that thrives with breast cancer each day! You will give them love and hope while helping the research for this cancer.

Don’t hesitate and go check out our jewelry and unique pieces.


3 Give back what you get on special occasions.

Christmas, birthday or any special anniversary can be a good way to raise funds for donations. We often receive a bit of money or a gift card. Well, you can always ask a gift card from a brand that gives to BCRF (Kenzella got a gift card from $50-$250 ).

If you only receive the money you can still allow a bit of it to make a direct donation or use it in various stores to enables you to offer a % of what you buy as a donation. ( you can find brands that partnered with BCRF here).


4 Sell baking or little thing you do

We always have specials talent, baking, painting, repairing bikes, etc. You probably do it for yourself or your friends and family. But have you ever thought of doing it for everyone and use the proceed to do a donation?  

Well, this is a good opportunity to collect more than you could give and therefore make a bigger impact with your donations. You find what you are good at and try to collect money out of it.

5 Sports? Sounds interesting let's see.

Yes! sport is a good way to collect donations. You probably heard of this guy that did 10km to collect money to build a school in Africa. 

Well, it’s maybe too much for you. But you can also set a goal and ask your friends and family to support you. You will not only help yourself to be in good shape but you will at the same time save lives.

It easy and Free to do. All you have to do is get on your bike or put your shoes on and go for it.


Ok, there is 4 more to go!

You might want to read them as you will be surprised to know that you can collect money where you probably wouldn't in the first place.
+ there is a bonus tip at the end that you might wanna know!


6 Help the BCRF event.

You may not donate money, but you will donate your time to help BCRF raise money. Yes, donations aren't always about money. By giving your time for free you can actually help a lot.

Make sure to contact BCRF and send them your free initiative, You probably live near a future event and help is always welcome. You can contact them here.

7 Garage selling

We all have tons of stuff we don’t use anymore and we throw it away. Well rather than throwing them you should consider selling them for a few bucks! There are always some people that are looking for an old lamp or video games.

This way is very easy and the best way to make a good action.

8 Gaming or social media

Yes even with a small community you can always do a fundraiser, can be on twitch, Instagram, youtube, or even Tiktok. Create a tournament and give back any donations during a stream. You can also make a special perform or ask some people to perform on your live stream and collect donations from your public. The number of followers doesn’t matter, people are more likely to join your stream or live if you are doing something good!


9 Collect at your job!

Well getting a little collect for charity is something that can be beneficial at work. Get your co-worker aware of BCRF. Education is the best way to spread the words about this cancer and what does this foundation in order to help women and men each day. You will create a great work atmosphere and people will communicate more than you can expect to create social links and happiness in the workspace.

You might think that your job doesn’t fit for that! but in fact, there is no perfect job. no matter where you work there is always space for charity collection.

Hey, we have a bonus tip that is completely free!

Well, you can also just talk about it on social media, around your neighborhood, at work, or with your friends to spread awareness. It's completely free and does help a lot even more than you think!


Now it’s time to start!


Now that you know everything about donation, it’s time to start! pick between those 9 tips the one that is the best for you and go ahead. Remember that no matter how much money you will be able to give or collect, your participation will always have an impact on the life of thousands of people and that’s probably the greatest thing you can accomplish!

If you need more info about BCRF you can go directly to their website ! you will find every information you need to know what does the Breast Cancer Research Foundation does and why.

If you wish to donate after collecting the money you can directly go to and donate.

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