Trendy Jewelry to wear in 2022

Trendy Jewelry to wear in 2022- Kenzella


Trendy jewelry



Trendy jewelry to wear in 2022


Chains have always been in fashion for some time, but this year they are back and more fashionable than ever before, and most of them are often found on the runway. At Kenzella we are always up to date with the latest trends and what you like the most. So we have found the trendy jewels to wear in 2022.


Trendy Jewelry to wear in 2022- Kenzella

Earrings back for the win

The earrings are back this year. With the new trendy jewelry movememnt, it is more common to associate these earrings with your outfits of the day switching according to the event. The color of the setting is gold which will give you a glow of beauty and revive your face.


Trendy Jewelry to wear in 2022- Kenzella

Wearing multiple ring and necklace


The number one trendy jewelry this year is to wear multiple rings and compile the necklaces to create a unique look that is all your own. Length is also a must with chocker mixes with pendant necklaces, and for rings, the mix between large and small rings has often been observed, especially during Milan fashion week. Gold is always the most popular color, but using a gold-silver or silver-rose gold mix creates something unique and wonderful if it is well dosed.


Trendy Jewelry to wear in 2022- Kenzella



Chokers are back for 2022 and stay a staple for your closet yet this time, explicitly chokers for the intense maximalist in you. With a tone of detail and underground rock impact, layer, and heap chokers to finish the ideal pioneer stack. One thing we can't deny, we love a decent choker stack. You can find our chokers and create your unique one with your great old fashion chocker at Kenzella. Trendy jewelry are the new way of 2022

Trendy Jewelry to wear in 2022- Kenzella

We hope you will be up to date with fashion and will enjoy some of our pieces.


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