Custom name necklace always wanted one but don't know where to get one ?

Custom name necklace always wanted one but don't know where to get one ? Kenzella

Always wanted custom name necklace but don't know where to get a name necklace?

Well, it’s actually quite simple to get a custom name necklace. Indeed we have tons of them at We have a set of different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.


But you are asking yourself where should a get one? online? in a physical store or made one myself. You should ask yourself first, why should get one!


Let’s give you some great reason to shop for a customized name necklace!


They are trending Gifts right now!

It’s not a secret! personalized jewelry is the best gift on any occasion. Each year more than 96% of gifts are made during Christmas. Custom name necklaces are among the top of Christmas gift, why? Well because it’s easy to purchase and people always love beautiful and straightforward jewelry with their names, initial, or anything else!

After the long and complicated year, 2020 people also want to offer something to start the new year of 2021 fresh and full of dreams. Name necklace is the best for it!.

And remember that whenever you are looking for a gift, personalized jewelry will always be a good solution! more meaningful and personal than something that everyone has.

But what is a custom name necklace?

Well, it’s simply a necklace with a specific font that you can write your name with and make it a necklace! It comes with different styles of writing but also with diamonds, birthstones, pearls, or with all of them sometimes.



custom name necklace


Therefore you have plenty of room to choose the perfect jewelry for you or for a gift. At Kenzella we offer a wide range of personalized name necklaces to choose from. If you are not an expert you can always contact the team and they will help you pick the perfect piece! Even if you don’t find what you were looking for, we’ll try our best to help you!

More than simple jewelry it’s a true fashion accessory!

You might be skeptical about this as fashion accessories are more like Chanel, Cartier ring, or bracelets. But you would be impressed to see that every single famous people or fashion influencers have their own name necklace. They even bought some for their friends and family as it is a perfect gift.

Look at Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner or Charlie D'Amelio.


Kylie Jenner wearing a custom name necklace.


custom name necklace



Dua Lipa wearing a custom name necklace.


custom name necklace




Charlie D'Amelio wearing custom name necklace.


custom name necklace




They have a personalized name necklace of their own!  You can check multiples of some influencers and you will see that they all get some personalized jewelry!


Well after those 3 things you can’t deny it! you need one! So to answer you about where to get your jewelry, we will not lie.

Get one from, we will guarantee a quality product and services because when you buy something it’s always better when the people that sell it to you are passionate and that is what we are!

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