Jewelry care instruction

Here's some tips to take care of your Kenzella jewels.

We get it you don’t want to take our jewelry off that's alright. However, to keep it looking its best all the time, here are some helpful tips:

  • Leave the jewelry off when you go into the sea as slat is bad and you could lost your jewelry.
  • Put your jewelry back on after your makeup and hair are done (makeup product are bad for jewelry).
  • Take it off when you are doing activities that might result with a lost necklace.


silver color gold color rose gold Silver, Gold and Rose Gold care

We expect that you will wear your jewels everyday and night. But sometimes it need to be cleaned a bit so you can keep it forever. In order to do that you need to follow those steps:

1. put mid-hot water in a bowl
2. put your jewel in it and rub them with your hands gently
3. take them out and dry them with a soft towels to remove dust
4. make sure to dry them correctly and don't let them dry it could occur with bad result.
5. wear them again until they need to get cleaned again.

We recommend to clean your Kenzella jewelry every 3-4 weeks.

How to store them and travel with them

To have your jewelry ready to wear, it’s best to keep each piece separate to keep it from tangling and tarnishing.

If you travel put them in their box and inside a pull or t-shirt to avoid any shock that might broke them.